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Children see their classrooms and have a first run outside

Bike store or play space

Friday saw the children visiting their new classrooms with the furniture in and so they know where they will be on 8th June. This was followed by a run across the playground and onto the field it was a pleasure to hear them chatter and laugh. Even the next doors cows looked up but not for long they soon went back to eating already at home with their new neighbours. A magic moment was the spontaneous ring a ring a roses played by the pre-school children in the corridor after visiting their new room. Life is already being breathed into the new school. Continue reading

Furniture on Parade


Walking round the new school brought wow factor moments as the furniture is set out in the school for the first time from a cute infant sofa to the blend of subtle blues between walls and furniture. The teaching walls are being constructed and the new white boards put in place ready for 8th June. Continue reading

Crossing all done and road open

Path in

The West Camel Road now has a zebra crossing and Belisha beacons. The road is fully open again and ready for the move into the school this week. Note one of the beacons needs a new relay to make it flash as it should, will be fixed soon. Now the crossing is in we can have an assessment to see if it is appropriate to have a crossing patrol person. This assessment will take a few weeks in the meantime we all need to learn to use the zebra cross carefully. I feel a few pictures like the Beatles crossing Abbey Road coming on. Continue reading