The Curriculum at Countess Gytha

We have an exciting curriculum at Countess Gytha Primary School which makes the school day vibrant and engaging for all our children. We follow the National Curriculum’s statutory curriculum framework and use Letters and Sounds alongside Jolly Phonics to teach Phonics from the Foundation Stage onwards.


Our topic work each term is based around a thought provoking question that provides a cross curriculum approach to the foundation subjects. The curriculum is the heart of our school, and the foundation to all the skills, knowledge and understanding the children learn at school. Our question based approach inspires our children, causes them to ask questions and makes learning fun. We have a specific focus each term, although we often find that our questions incorporate a much wider spectrum of learning.

Autumn Term – History focus

Can we see the past around us?
Can we see the past around us?

Spring Term –  Geography focus


Summer Term – Foundation Subjects with Art and Music


In Key Stage 1 (Merlin, Pendragon & King Arthur classes) the children build up their knowledge and have class based topics and questions; whereas our Key Stage 2 children (Guinevere, Excalibur & Lancelot classes) share a topic, but have a different question and focus area.

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Please look at our class pages to see our individual and current curriculum planning.

Curriculum Overview Year A * (Work in Progress)

EYFS Curriculum Plan – YEAR A

Key stage 1 Curriculum Plan – YEAR A

Key stage 2 Curriculum Plan – YEAR A