Pupil Premium Funding

School Funding for Free School Meals and Service Children

Free school meals are available to children whose parents qualify by meeting the criteria below. Children must be in school all day and they will be provided with a meal at lunchtime that is paid for by the school.

Your school will receive a pupil premium for every pupil registered for Free School Meals. Even if your child does not want to take up the Free School Meal please ensure that they are registered if they are entitled as this extra funding will benefit all pupils.

To Apply Online follow this link  –  http://www.somerset.gov.uk/freeschoolmeals

Who can apply?
Parents/carers who receive any of the following are entitled to free school meals:

• Income Support (IS)
• Employment Support Allowance (Income Related) – not Contribution related
• Income-based Job Seekers Allowance (IBJSA) – not Contribution based
• Guaranteed Element of State Pension Credit.
• Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
• Child Tax Credit with an annual taxable income (as assessed by HMRC) of less than £16,190.
If you are in receipt of Working Tax Credit, you are not eligible to receive free school meals.

Also if either one or both parents are in HM Forces the school is entitled to extra funding, please inform the School Office if this is the case.


Pupil Premium Spending – Countess Gytha Primary School – Financial Year 2017-18

Number of Children on Roll as at January Census 2017 : 160

Percentage FSM/Ever 6: 19%   Percentage Service pupils: 6%

Percentage Post AFC: 0%

Total Pupil Premium Percentage: 25%

 Pupil Premium Funding Allocation: £42080      Service Premium Funding Allocation: £3000


Area of Spend
Contribution from Pupil Premium
Description of Intervention
*Identification by Sutton Trust/Education Endowment Foundation
Intended Outcomes
How Impact will be measured
Impact of Intervention
Teaching Staff
Provision of additional teaching staff to allow smaller classes to allow for specific targeted work.
Additional SENCO hours for diagnostic testing. To raise the rate of progress and narrow the gap between children in receipt of PPG funding and all pupils
Small class sizes will allow pupils to work on specific targeted work to improve their knowledge and understanding
Raised attainment for PPG children and increased numbers of pupils achieving or exceeding the expected standards.
Through teacher assessed results
Through teacher assessed results
Bespoke Intervention Groups in Phonics, Maths and Reading (Below expected attainment for their potential)
An additional qualified Teaching Assistant to be employed along with specific resources purchased to provide bespoke intervention groups for those pupil premium children who are working at below the expected attainment level.
Larger number of pupils achieving at or exceeding the expected standard in the end of year tests in Maths and English
Through teacher assessed results
School Uniform
Pupil Premium pupils who are in financial difficulties, are offered missing items of school uniform free of charge.
Pupils feel clean and appropriately dressed for school. Barriers to learning are removed and children feel included in school life.
Number of pupils receiving uniform and therefore feeling happier in school
School Trips
Pupil premium pupils who are in financial difficulties are offered opportunities to take part in visits and trips, either free of charge or at a subsidised cost
Pupils feel included in activities they may otherwise not be financially able to take part in. Pupils experience new skills and activities
Number of pupils gaining new skills and are happier in school due to being able to take part
Theatre Companies
Pupil premium pupils encouraged to take part in arts activities which come at an extra cost.
Theatre shows and productions during curriculum time to bring each Key Stage together.  Pupils have opportunities to take part in performances.  Many shows are educational. All pupil premium pupils take part.
Qualified music teacher to allow all children to take part in music lessons and activities 
Pupils feel passion for a new activity and feel included within school life through taking part.  Pupils may find a skill they enjoy and want to progress further with.
Shows and productions give all children joy and sense of fun and laughter.  Pupils learn through drama and music.
Number of pupils taking part.
Number of shows each year.  Number of pupils achieving key objectives for particular areas of the curriculum related to the show
Parent Family Support Advisor
Engaging hard to reach families encouraging them to work more closely with school.  Improved attendance for hard to reach group
Improved engagement and attendance from families.
Attendance figures of children at school will show an improvement. Parental involvement will increase, evidenced by attendance at support meetings and parents evenings
Educational Psychologist Hours
The purchase of additional support from the County Educational Psychologist
Working with those children who need support. The additional hours purchased will allow more targeted work with families.
Number of children we are able to support will increase. Children will be happier to be in school.