Moon over the school

Moon over school

Moon over school


The views from around the school continue to establish themselves. In the next few weeks the landscape team will arrive to establish the banks and the boarders. The contractor’s bam report they are still on track to hand over the school at the end of the first week of April.

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Hall from Pathjan16


View from the housing

Roundabout view Jan 16










Blues and fittings

Classroom sink units

Blue 3

Blue 2Blue 1








The first blue coats of the classroom feature walls have been painted and the sink units are being fitted.   The toilets are being worked on and the picture shows the special low yellow sink unit base for the reception class and a pile of doors all made of sustainable wood.

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Classroom sink unitsInfant sinks






Toilets 2Sink top setting










Doors recycled

Outside touches

Plant room door

Graham colour of wallsPlant room door










Lots of the outside finishing touches are being put in place. The cream colour plaster finish of the walls as seen with Graham  the site manager, the plant room doors and the structures  to support the covered play areas outside the Foundation Unit and Key stage one classes.

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Posts for outside awningFinishing the walls

Playground levelling

Digger bucket icon

Leveling the playgroundPlayground towards school









This week sees preparations for the playground and surround hard surfaces. Careful levelling, skilful rolling and clever edging mean the space is ready for the first of the top coats of tarmac. The area outside the pre-school part of the foundation unit will be a soft play surface.  The building teams are looking forward to clean surfaces round the school as it will mean most of the mud is covered up and the site will be much cleaner as the finishing touches are added.

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Roller playgroundCorner stones 1






Grass thickeningField view




Short term views

Road sign icon

Across the road


These pictures catch some of the views that in a few short months will no longer be there when the building is finished. During the early part of January the West Camel Road has been reduced to one lane and traffic lights used for safety. This is allowing for the sewage pipe to be connected to the one that goes through the new housing. Coming up soon the mains electric and water will be connected along with the gas for heating and hot water boiler.


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Traffic lightsOutsideHoarding 6Hoarding 7Backdoor 2Backdoor view 1


Toilets, Library and Kitchen

Water inlet
Main office to entrance
Main office towards entrance
Preschool entrance
Foundation Stage Entrance










It is fascinating to see the various dedicated spaces being built. These include the toilets, corridors, library, small group rooms and the new commercial kitchen. Pictures also show what the entrances and main office look like with really welcoming hatch spaces.

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Corridor from hallLibrary and break out roomToilet spaces 1Toilet space 2Main entrance insideKitchen space

Entrances and playgrounds

Step in Icon

Back of school playgroundPreparing the playground











As the inside of the school is emerging the outside is also coming on well. The hardstanding base for the new outdoor play spaces, playgrounds and entrances is being finalised. The warm creamy colour of the walls is also being added in the final layer of render.  If you look up to the side of the hall you can see what the colour will look like.

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Colour of walls
Colour of walls
Colour wash finish
Colour of walls

Foundation stage entrance
Foundation stage entrance
Main entrance
Main entrance
Classroom entrances
Classroom entrances