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Staff visit 22.09.15  Standing in the new hall   Now where should we put the Forest school


On a blustery September Tuesday a number of the classroom assistants and the foundation teacher visited the site in an array of colourful wellies to get a feel for how the new school is developing.  The concrete base to the floor is now in and the roofers are adding the insulation up top.  As the staff stood in the new hall, office and classroom spaces they were picturing how it might look soaking up the atmosphere.  We reviewed the space outside the classrooms for the foundation children and then moved onto the pond end of the site.  There was lots of discussion about the best spot to develop the Forest School outside education ideas.  To read more about the Forest School movement click here:
The bam team are already trying to attract wild life they have put up several bird feeders and are using many of the off cuts to create an animal home fit for giant insects!!!!!

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Roofers add insulation     IMG_0800Insulation slabsStarting to build animals homesbird feeder






Concrete Day

concrete day icon

Cement lorries  Conctete Pumping










The debate on the day was would it be 170 or 180 cubic meters of concrete to cover the whole floor area of the school?  It was amazing to watch the team at work from the concrete pump to the smoothing it was physical and at time subtle.  Such an exciting day under the new roof made even more atmospheric by the heavy rain showers and thunder rumbling in the distance.

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concrete floor 2  Concrete the floor 1









Concrete  floor 3  concrete leveling









Concrete leveling floor 2


Concrete big blue











Lights and panels

Roof light icon

Roof light





      Roof ready


At first sight I could not work out what the big metal box like shapes were for. Once explained by the site manager I could see they were to form the skylights in the classrooms. The piles of the roof panels looked artistic waiting for the crane to lift them into place. Looking up the first part of the hall wall is put in place.

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Hall wall appearing

Skylights  from the top


Rock and rolling

Driver icon

rolling the ground flat




Prep the floor metal grid











A real life Roley flattens the ground that forms where the offices, staffroom, toilets and medical room will be.    Once flattened the team lay the metal grid ready for the concrete floor. Looking down where all the classrooms will be it feels so impressive you almost want it to stay a big space.

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Reflection and ridges

theo icon

Pond reflection


Ridges new playfield









Blue skies reflect in the new pond and wet land area.  Can you help with ideas for planting in the pond all ideas welcome?  Next to the pond the new school field has been rolled out ready for seeding.
Standing in what will be one of the classrooms looking out the back of the school towards the landscaped outside classroom.

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Inside and outside classroom