Pond and playing field

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Pond takes shape

At the far end of the site the pond and wetland area is constructed. This area is also there to capture any heavy rainfall so it does not flood onto surrounding land and roads.
Diggers flatten out the humps in the school playing field. It is so exciting to think the children will have all this space to play and explore.  The grounds will help us to meet our aim of developing outdoor education that enriches the curriculum making the most of the school environment.

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Leveling the pitch  pitch from portacabinView across the site August 15

Cabins and meetings

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steering group meeting on site Aug 15

Construction is moving on a pace and includes the Countess Gytha Governor  August steering group meeting with the building team in the site porta cabin. The walls of the meeting room are covered with guidance, plans and posters about how to make this a safe and considerate building project.  I am really impressed with BAM’s attention to detail to building safety of the site and their care of employees.

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Living with  localsdiagrams on wall

Cranes and construction

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Cranes and steel

The cranes move on site to lift the steel frame into place. The steel girders are set out like a Lego kit on the ground ready for the crane to lift and team to bolt into place. It feels like Bob the Builder’s Lofty is working away along with Muck, Scoop and all the other characters, it is some busy site.  Of course if it was Bob the Builder doing this build we would be moving in tomorrow as it can all happen in one episode of 15 minutes!!!!!! Mind you a just over 40 week build is impressive too.

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Lay out the steel