Transformer Day

Electric work 21.05.15 1

Wires coming down

Busy day on new school site as  electric transformer commissioned. Now we look forward to the BAM building team moving onto site all being well on first of June. The first month is likely to be busy with a lot of setting up on site then it should settle down a bit.

This week also saw the latest meeting between the developers, architects, Somerset County Council project team and the school. New pictures were shared around how the hall, staffroom and classrooms might look, if you like to see these do ask in the school reception.  The school also took delivery of three hoarding boards for the children and staff to work on that will go up on the new site. If you have ideas on what should go on these hoardings do let the school know.

The school also started a process of seeking views of parents, staff and governors on the name, badge and uniform for the school going forward. These will be discussed at the next Governing Body meeting later in June. Again if you have views please let the school know.

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Electric work 21.05.15 1

A big hole on the site !

Hole in the ground for sub station

Hole in the ground for sub station

A big hole appears on the new school site. Is it a new swimming pool?  Sadly not it is to build a base for the new electricity substation. Scottish and Southern (SSE) Electric will be replacing the current pole and wires with a new substation. Over the first few weeks of May further excavation will take place around the field to lay the HV cable that will link to the new transformer. This will be followed by the building of a green enclosure around the new transformer.
The planned change over day and supply interruption is arranged for Thursday 21st May, subject to the completion of all the work and final sign off.
This is all very good news as it fits in nicely with the proposed start date for the main works of the beginning of June 2015. The start date looks like it will also align with the completion of the building of the affordable housing, opposite the new school, so helping to reduce any traffic congestion.

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Sorting the pole