Work on the new school site starts

Hedge gone March 2015 electric website

Hedge gone March 2015 electric website

There is a buzz around school as news comes through that work has started on the site of the new school at the other end of the Village.   Firstly a stock fence has been put across the field separating the new school site from the rest of  the farm land which will be our special neighbour in the future. You can picture the children enjoying looking out across the farm to the country side beyond , following  the changes in the seasons and life in an agricultural setting.

Why not take a walk down to the site and see the view now they have removed the hedge along the West Camel Road side of the site.   This is so they can sort out the electric wire and substation going across the field  first before the main build can start in the next couple of weeks.  Stand by for news on the turf cutting ceremony.

Thank you for suggestions for the Chair of Governors Simon Patton Pinterest page called New School imagination at: keep the ideas coming.

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Hedge gone March 2015  website

Deputy Head teacher appointed ?



We are delighted to inform you the Mr Ted Wright has been appointed as Deputy Head Teacher , taking up his post in September 2015 .Mr  Wright is passionate about teaching , he particularly enjoys maths, computer science and maths. He will be visiting and getting to know our school during the latter half of the  summer term. We also look forward to working with him and embracing his ideas for our new school along side all those that the children, staff and governors are working on.

We were fortunate to have a really strong  set of candidates for the deputy head teacher post. Each of them  shared their thinking with us about how the school could develop, which will help us move forward and we thank them for what they gave during their time with us.


Where we go from here February 2015 ?

New school site electric post
New school site electric post
The electric post and wire to move before building . The wire in the middle of the picture not the electric cattle fence !

What is happening next with the new school build and how can you get involved?


In the next few weeks the electric cable that currently goes across the site for the new school will be moved underground. Once this is done the first of the  ceremonies that marks the official start of the building works will be held, which is the Turf Cutting Ceremony. We aim to involve the children as much as possible in the stages of the building of the school and will also aim to hold open session for parents and the community to see what is happening. The next ceremony is call Topping out: ‘For centuries, builders have celebrated the moment the building structure reaches its topmost point. The age-old tradition, originally conceived to bestow good luck on a building and ward off evil spirits is now more commonly recognised as an opportunity to thank the workforce and celebrate progress made.’ Extract from Infoworks website   All being well the new school will be ready for us to move into in March 2016  for the start of the summer term 2016.



How can you be involved ?


The school and governors are already seeking views about the colours to be used in the school, on if there should be changes, for example to the school uniform and badge. A good place to share your views is the parent and carers forums held most term time Friday afternoons at the school between 2.45 to 3.25 pm.  You might like to get involved with members of the forum who have been exploring developing additional facilities at the new school like building a swimming pool.  The group visited Long Sutton School last summer to see and discuss their newly restored pool see:   Or you can share your ideas by contacting the school and governors direct via the office, email using:  or the form on the school website contact page at:   Or you could send in ideas for the Chair of Governors Simon Patton to add to his Pinterest page called New School imagination at: The challenge is to be inspired, be bold who knows where your ideas might lead us to helping create an exciting place to learn for 21st Century.

Classroom layout
What might the new classroom look like ?

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Planning permission Granted

Pupils at Planning meeting

Pupils at Planning meeting Planning meeting invite Jan 15









On Thursday 8th January 2015 Somerset County Council Regulation committee voted  to pass the planning application for a  new replacement school to be built in Queen  Camel. A packed committee room at County Hall in Taunton hosted  a contingent there on behalf of the school including six children representatives, Headteacher Sue English, governors Rachel Scully and Simon Patton and parent Andrew Hoddinott. Simon Patton Chair of Governors reflected: ‘We are thrilled and excited by the decision this afternoon to allow the building of a new replacement school by Somerset County Council in Queen Camel.  It feels like we have a future now one that means children, in this part of rural Somerset, will get what they deserve the very best of educational opportunities for generations to come. We were proud to have six representatives from the children at the current school to witness democracy in action at County Hall on this momentous day for the community.   I was bowled over by their energy and excitement about the possibilities of the new school in the car on the way and which bubbled over into applause when they heard the planning approved Full statement by Simon Patton


To see the Regulation Committee agenda papers , detailed report of planners  and  the outcome see links below: Agenda: Papers see 08/01/15: Headteacher’s address to the Regulation Committee on behalf of the school


Following approval of the planning permission the children and headteacher were interviewed by both the press and BBC Somerset radio which they featured on later in the evening news. Western G Jan 15 Relocation of flood hit Countess Gytha Primary School will allow Queen Camel school to evolve, according to headteacher  By Western Gazette  Posted: January 12, 2015


Queen Camel’s Countess Gytha school move plans approved BBC January 08 2015


Flood-prone Queen Camel school given green light to move premises  Western Gazette  January 08, 2015




The formal confirmation came in a letter a few days later:

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Confirmation of planning passed Jan 14